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 主題:CCNA 2.0版 認證模擬試題

Cisco CCNA 2.0

1.Which two statements about frame tagging are true? (Choose two)
A. A filtering table is developed for each switch.

B. Frame tagging assigns a unique user defined ID to each frame.
C. A unique identifier is placed in the header of each frame as it is forwarded between switches.
D. Frame tagging is a technique that examines particular information about each frame based on user defined offsets.
Answer: B, D

2.Which two statements about the store and forward switching method are true? (Choose two)
A. Latency remains constant regardless of frame size.
B. Latency through the switch varies with frame length.
C. The switch receives the complete frame before forwarding it.
D. The switch checks the destination address as soon as it receives the header and begins
forwarding the fram immediately.
Answer: B, C

3.A router on one side of a PPP link uses the resonance RTR1 and the password COPP1-PWD.
Which configuration line on RTR1 enables a connection between RTR1 and another router named RTR2?
A. username, RTR2 password COPR1-PWD,
B. username, RTR1 password COPR1-PWD,
C. username, RTR2 password COPR2-PWD,
D. username, RTR1 password COPR2-PWD,
Answer: A

4.What is the command to start IP RIP version 1 routing on a Cisco router?
A. show rip
B. enable rip
C. router enable
D. router rip
Answer: D

5.Which line from a show spantree 1 command output indicates that virtual LAN 1 (VLAN1) is functioning properly?
A. Root pod is FastEthernet 0/26
B. Port Ethernet 0/1 of VLAN1 is Forwarding
C. Designated port is Ethernet 0/1, path cost 10
D. Designated root has priority 0 address 00D0 588F B600
E. VLAN1 is executing the IEEE compatible Spanning Tree Protocol
Answer: E

6.In order to enable RIP, which two tasks need to be performed? (choose two)
A. Specify the routing protocol
B. Confound static RIP routes
C. Specify directly connected subnets
D. Specify directly connected networks
Answer: A, D

7.If you are in IOS user mode, which command do you use to enter the privileged mode?
A. Set
B. Enable
C. Configure
D. Privileges
Answer: B

8.Which two solutions are used to reduce the chance of distance vector routing loops? (choose two)
A. split horizon
B. route poison
C. area hierarchies
D. link state algorithms
Answer: A, B

9.Which command displays all the commands in the history buffer?
B. show buffer
C. show history
D. show history buffer
Answer: C

10.Switching methods include cut-through, store and forward, and a modified version of the first two methods. Which statement about switching methods is true?
A. The store and forward method has low latency
B. The cut through method of switching has high latency
C. The modified version holds the packet in memory until 50 percent of the packet reaches the switch
D. The modified version holds the packet in memory until the data spoon of the packet reaches the switch
Answer: C

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